New Year, Blank Slate

Richard Hallberg2Alex ChaseVictoria Hagan   tumblr_ncw2dgXBzQ1qi73s5o1_500Helen Green Designc4a54cf6717053a6de42717252cd6310Bruce Budd

Interior by Michael Taylor

ValentinoBilly Baldwin


There’s something so fresh about all white interiors… a couple favorites today… everything from that genius room by Michael Taylor that’s as chic today as it was then to some more recent sources of inspiration. Axel Verdvoordt always comes to mind here, I obsess over the way he’s mastered lighting (amongst other things…) Victoria Hagan too is a master of all things perfectly neutral. There’s a serenity to her spaces that’s really so beautiful..

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to 2016. 2015 saw a lot of good things, but also a lot of craziness. I don’t make resolutions but there are a couple things I’m somewhat resolved to do differently this year… practicing restraint is one of them. Restraint, too, from an interiors perspective is a really beautiful thing. There’s something so wonderfully harmonious about all these rooms I think… reminds me a bit (always) of the late Bill Blass whose collection was built on “things of dignity”. So, here’s to 2016!


Richard Hallberg   •   via Pinterest   •   Victoria Hagan   •   via Pinterest   •   Helen Green

Bruce Budd   •   Michael Taylor   •   Valentino via Pinterest   •   Billy Baldwin

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