Wanderlust Moment :: Marie-Anne Oudejans

Jaipur - Gem Palace ADJaipur-Gem-Palace ADJaipur-Gem Palace AD Jaipur Bar PalladioJaipur Bar Palladio Bar Palladio Jaipur   Jaipur Bar PalladioJaipur Bar PalladioBar Palladio - JaipurJaipur Bar Palladio Jaipur Bar Palladio


I’m sure you all have seen by now the latest Architectural Digest featuring Marie-Anne Oudejans new jewelry store in Mumbai… I can’t get enough of it. Sensory overload. The former founder of Tocca, Anne-Marie has a definite panache when it comes to creating wonder filled spaces.. The Bar Palladio was inspired by the royal Mughal period, and (hold onto your hats) took only 8 months from conception to execution. Like the Bar Palladio, the Gem Palace is a master course in detailed craftsmanship and execution. Not to mention the brilliant use of color… I’ll take a one way ticket, please.

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