Father of the Bride Houses

Father of the Bride House | Amy Berry Design
James F. Carter | Amy Berry Design
Ahearn Greek Revival House | Amy Berry Design
Ahearn Greek Revival House | Amy Berry Design
Ahearn Morse Street | Amy Berry Design
The Fox Group | Amy Berry Design
Vintage Millworks | Amy Berry Design
Catherine Sloan Architect | Amy Berry Design

White House.Pinterest Gil SchaferFerguson & Shamamian


I never tire of looking through architectural portfolios.. it is always so inspiring. Classical architecture especially, there is something about these beautifully proportioned homes that makes me feel like happy families all live inside of them. Last weekend in Birmingham, I was lucky to spend some time with the incredibly talented Bill Ingram. I could pour through his work for days.

I’ve been on a kick lately, scouring architectural portfolios for inspiration. I love a good white house… I grew up in one and it was amongst some of my very favorite memories. Father of the Bride houses.. my very favorite kind.  I’ll never forget kicking and screaming the day we sold that house for a new house the next block over. That beautiful Georgian house was my favorite, I still have one of it’s antique doorknobs on my desk as a paper weight. A treasure from pillaging before it was torn down.. Anyways, some of my favorite white houses for you today!


Father of the Bride House   •   James F. Carter   •   Patrick Ahearn   •   The Fox Group

Vintage Millworks   •   Catherine Sloan   •   via Pinterest   •  Gil Schafer   •   Ferguson Shamamian

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