Baby Berry :: Nursery Reveal

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I love designing nurseries… not surprising I guess that I had the best time when it became our turn. I was so flattered to be featured on Amber Venz’s site with the nursery last week as she kicks off Bump Day and Like to Know It Home (which is totally genius by the way…).

A little on the nursery though… I fell in love, first, with this beautiful mural paper by Susan Harter. It’s printed on vinyl (making it safe for sticky fingers later on… ). I wanted this room to always be a nursery, and work still if we find ourselves ever expecting a little boy! There isn’t a ton of pink, I wanted it to be gender neutral. I did, though, add in some little soft pink pillows out of my favorite Hollyhock fabric.

My sweet (and insanely talented) friend Gray Malin is to credit for the darling photography over her little bookshelf. I also can’t get enough of the Oh Albatross stuffed animals, they are like little works of art. Unfortunately, our bernedoodle seems to be particularly fond of them as well… I keep catching him with the little guys in his paws. Funny how dogs are when a baby’s on the way, they definitely know something’s coming.

We’re in countdown mode though! 2 weeks to go!



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