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Baby Registries are something of a rabbit hole… it’s easy to overboard, and at the end of the day babies don’t need that much stuff. After sharing this a couple times over with my friends, I figured I might as well consolidate our favorites. When were preparing for Sutton, we registered on Amazon (which was awesome..) and a local boutique in Dallas.


People have a LOT of opinions when it comes to all things babies, the best thing I can tell you is to spend a little time researching the big ticket items (stroller, car seat, crib…). If you have a store like Buy Buy Baby, they’ll have a stroller expert. It’s worth everything to have them show you how to break down different strollers, I love our Bugaboo to the ends of the earth and back but I wouldn’t ever know what to do with it if I hadn’t gone to test them all out.


Oh… and if you’re wondering why a hair dryer is in this roundup… that’s the second best advice we ever got. We kept it on our changing table and would use it in the beginning changing diapers. It kept her happy (and warm) and put her right back to sleep! I honestly don’t think we ever experienced diaper rash which I credit to that. 


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