An Office Study by Paperclip Mag

This past month, our new office was featured on Paperclip Mag. It was an honor first off, to be included amongst so many women I respect, but it also gave us reason to pause and get some photos of our new office space. We moved in this past March after working out of our house for the past four years… one of the better decisions I’ve ever made. As much as I loved working with Sutton napping on the work table, once she got moving it was pretty clear it was time to get out. Plus, I love having space to spread out.


There are a few things that I truly couldn’t live without when it comes to our office…. namely dozens and dozens of rattan baskets to keep fabrics “looking” neat and tidy, everything Muji (I swear by their pens and notebooks), and these linen pinboards which I’m constantly pinning favorite fabrics and inspiration images on. Some of the only ways I’ve found to organize the chaos… 

A BIG thank you to Paperclip Mag for the lovely and especially kind feature, you can read the whole thing here ! 

A round up though of our favorite things that help keep us going and organized… 



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