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All things James F. Carter… Cathy Kincaid’s beautiful project from the June issue of Veranda (it won’t ever get old)… Bunny Mellon, always… Every bit of the Julia B Collection with LSD on Moda Operandi

We’ve been busy on our room for the Traditional Home Designer Showhouse here in Dallas, which opens at the end of September, can’t wait to share our space… I am so inspired, always, by beautiful gardens and architecture. Something to be said I think for what makes for timeless design… all those wonderful little details that make me love my job so much 

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This past month, our new office was featured on Paperclip Mag. It was an honor first off, to be included amongst so many women I respect, but it also gave us reason to pause and get some photos of our new office space. We moved in this past March after working out of our house for the past four years… one of the better decisions I’ve ever made. As much as I loved working with Sutton napping on the work table, once she got moving it was pretty clear it was time to get out. Plus, I love having space to spread out.


There are a few things that I truly couldn’t live without when it comes to our office…. namely dozens and dozens of rattan baskets to keep fabrics “looking” neat and tidy, everything Muji (I swear by their pens and notebooks), and these linen pinboards which I’m constantly pinning favorite fabrics and inspiration images on. Some of the only ways I’ve found to organize the chaos… 

A BIG thank you to Paperclip Mag for the lovely and especially kind feature, you can read the whole thing here ! 

A round up though of our favorite things that help keep us going and organized… 



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If y’all haven’t picked up the June issue of Southern Living, DO. One of my very favorite projects is featured, and I couldn’t be prouder. I can not thank everyone at Southern Living enough, including the most wonderful photographer Hector Sanchez. 

This house was a favorite for so many reasons… the wonderful family that lives there, the house itself (almost 100 years 0ld), but most importantly the wonderful client that entrusted so much to us. We worked on this one over about 2 years, starting in the back with a pool and patio addition, then eventually moving our way through the interiors. 

In the spirit of Memorial Day though, I figured I’d share some patio favorites. Since the client has three kids and more pets that I can count, the house above everything else had to be livable. We used a mix of things, customizing cushions and using fabrics to get the right balance. 

Hope you’re all enjoying the start of summer wherever you are, Happy Memorial Day!


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Baby Registries are something of a rabbit hole… it’s easy to overboard, and at the end of the day babies don’t need that much stuff. After sharing this a couple times over with my friends, I figured I might as well consolidate our favorites. When were preparing for Sutton, we registered on Amazon (which was awesome..) and a local boutique in Dallas.


People have a LOT of opinions when it comes to all things babies, the best thing I can tell you is to spend a little time researching the big ticket items (stroller, car seat, crib…). If you have a store like Buy Buy Baby, they’ll have a stroller expert. It’s worth everything to have them show you how to break down different strollers, I love our Bugaboo to the ends of the earth and back but I wouldn’t ever know what to do with it if I hadn’t gone to test them all out.


Oh… and if you’re wondering why a hair dryer is in this roundup… that’s the second best advice we ever got. We kept it on our changing table and would use it in the beginning changing diapers. It kept her happy (and warm) and put her right back to sleep! I honestly don’t think we ever experienced diaper rash which I credit to that. 


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• TOYS •



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IMG_9070rt IMG_9097rt IMG_9052rta IMG_9021rt IMG_9105rt


I love designing nurseries… not surprising I guess that I had the best time when it became our turn. I was so flattered to be featured on Amber Venz’s site with the nursery last week as she kicks off Bump Day and Like to Know It Home (which is totally genius by the way…).

A little on the nursery though… I fell in love, first, with this beautiful mural paper by Susan Harter. It’s printed on vinyl (making it safe for sticky fingers later on… ). I wanted this room to always be a nursery, and work still if we find ourselves ever expecting a little boy! There isn’t a ton of pink, I wanted it to be gender neutral. I did, though, add in some little soft pink pillows out of my favorite Hollyhock fabric.

My sweet (and insanely talented) friend Gray Malin is to credit for the darling photography over her little bookshelf. I also can’t get enough of the Oh Albatross stuffed animals, they are like little works of art. Unfortunately, our bernedoodle seems to be particularly fond of them as well… I keep catching him with the little guys in his paws. Funny how dogs are when a baby’s on the way, they definitely know something’s coming.

We’re in countdown mode though! 2 weeks to go!



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Father of the Bride House | Amy Berry Design
James F. Carter | Amy Berry Design
Ahearn Greek Revival House | Amy Berry Design
Ahearn Greek Revival House | Amy Berry Design
Ahearn Morse Street | Amy Berry Design
The Fox Group | Amy Berry Design
Vintage Millworks | Amy Berry Design
Catherine Sloan Architect | Amy Berry Design

White House.Pinterest Gil SchaferFerguson & Shamamian


I never tire of looking through architectural portfolios.. it is always so inspiring. Classical architecture especially, there is something about these beautifully proportioned homes that makes me feel like happy families all live inside of them. Last weekend in Birmingham, I was lucky to spend some time with the incredibly talented Bill Ingram. I could pour through his work for days.

I’ve been on a kick lately, scouring architectural portfolios for inspiration. I love a good white house… I grew up in one and it was amongst some of my very favorite memories. Father of the Bride houses.. my very favorite kind.  I’ll never forget kicking and screaming the day we sold that house for a new house the next block over. That beautiful Georgian house was my favorite, I still have one of it’s antique doorknobs on my desk as a paper weight. A treasure from pillaging before it was torn down.. Anyways, some of my favorite white houses for you today!


Father of the Bride House   •   James F. Carter   •   Patrick Ahearn   •   The Fox Group

Vintage Millworks   •   Catherine Sloan   •   via Pinterest   •  Gil Schafer   •   Ferguson Shamamian

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2b19732840a6d3d74b03e36516bcc58d misssquarehare bayswater_2633269k mewshollandweb_2633264k mewskensingtonweb_2633262k notting-hill-mews-1 7a58e591e26d19ebd4ed3b97b471eb68PhotosofBritain.mews Mews f751190151b792614ceee41d95b4a6c0 tumblr_lxy1lyZvF81r38lhgo1_500


This time of year I really miss living in London… I recently started following another new instagram account I love @mewsingsldn that specifically features the beautiful London mews. Formerly carriage houses, these little pockets of London were always my favorite things to stumble upon. They always seem to come out of nowhere, but are so full of inspiration. Most all have been lovingly restored as residences now but the charm of the carriage house always shines through.. hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

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Sister Parish, Coolidge Point April 1963 Vogue World of Interiors 1986 Vogue July 1971 Vogue March 1972 Goess Apartments, World of Interiors 12


My good friend Mark D. Sikes turned me onto this instagram account not too long ago… I’m hooked. If you’re not following Remy Renzullo already, you absolutely should… it’s a peak into a most beautiful world full of endless inspiration. Sister Parish has always been an inspiration.. I am drooling over the image of Coolidge Point (desperate for more..) I have no idea where or how he finds all these beautiful images, but I pray he keeps em coming!

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Jaipur - Gem Palace ADJaipur-Gem-Palace ADJaipur-Gem Palace AD Jaipur Bar PalladioJaipur Bar Palladio Bar Palladio Jaipur   Jaipur Bar PalladioJaipur Bar PalladioBar Palladio - JaipurJaipur Bar Palladio Jaipur Bar Palladio


I’m sure you all have seen by now the latest Architectural Digest featuring Marie-Anne Oudejans new jewelry store in Mumbai… I can’t get enough of it. Sensory overload. The former founder of Tocca, Anne-Marie has a definite panache when it comes to creating wonder filled spaces.. The Bar Palladio was inspired by the royal Mughal period, and (hold onto your hats) took only 8 months from conception to execution. Like the Bar Palladio, the Gem Palace is a master course in detailed craftsmanship and execution. Not to mention the brilliant use of color… I’ll take a one way ticket, please.

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Chairish Favorites.001

I am so excited (and honored) to be a featured designer this week on Chairish! Such a great design resource, there are so many good things to be found on their site. Even more fun to curate a selection of favorites for the feature! Talk about instant gratification too… some of this I may have to snatch up for myself!!


1) Kate Roebuck Painting     •     2) Plantation Chairs     •     3) Sconce     •     4) Quadrille Pillow

5) Wicker Trunk     •     6) La Barge Mirror     •     7) Fern Prints     •     8) Monkey Stools

9) Khotan Rug     •     10) Ralph Lauren Lamp     •     11) Quill Box     •     12) Coral Objet

13) Brass Console     •     14) Ikat Pillow     •     15) Kreiss Bergere