Caroline Seiber in Vogue

Caroline Seiber Living Room family-values-240-08family-values-242-02family-values-240-01family-values-240-05family-values-240-07family-values-240-06family-values-246-05family-values-240-03


Caroline Seiber is one of my very favorite follows on instagram… not surprising that I can not get enough of her London home featured in Vogue. Caroline’s taste is impeccable, everything from that custom Zuber wall mural to that closet.. the whole thing is wonderfully refreshing and so full of life. No pun intended, that panel of Braquenie tree of life in the couple’s library is everything. Had to include too, of course, a shot from their Austrian wedding… beyond beautiful. Go read about it if you haven’t already…

Scout Design Studio

2015-11-12 14.50.12 2015-11-12 14.49.02-22015-11-12 14.50.062015-11-12 14.52.01-1



We love Scout Design Studio, so I was beyond flattered to be their guest designer this month… some pictures from the space I curated at the store.. feeling inspired by Bill Blass at the moment, lots of neutrals, and good bones when it comes to design.. Scout has so many new great things at the moment, making my job easy, but I instantly gravitated towards that chinese chippendale bench.. We did the walls in Farrow & Ball’s Tanner Brown (one of my favorites), and used that big vintage door to hide a window making the room especially cozyI think.. They have a great selection of art right now too, y’all be sure to stop by this month to see!


Blue & White of Late…

Cameron Kimber DesignCameron Kimber Cameron Kimber DetailsJoe LucasJoe Elias Vogue 2015  Jorge Elias 4-Jorge Elias3-Jorge EliasMark HamptonHoward SlatkinSig Bergamin


It doesn’t ever get old… Crying over that first room I recently stumbled across via Pinterest by Cameron Kimber. They were new to me, but their work is beautiful. Loving every bit of the interiors by Jorge Elias recently featured in Casa Vogue too… these speak for themselves though. Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start!


Images 1 -3: Cameron Kimber Design   •   Joe Lucas, Lucas Design Studio   •   Images 5-8: Jorge Elias via Mark D. Sikes    •   Mark Hampton   •   Howard Slatkin   •   Sig Bergamin 

Spotlight on Helen Green

Helen Green - Entry

Helen Green Bedroom

Helen Green Entry

Helen Green Knightsbridge Project

Helen Green

Helen Green Regent's Park




Helen Green Kitchen


Helen Green has always been one of my very favorite design firms out of London. If your unfamiliar, you must spend some time on their site. The portfolio is really beautiful, as is their showroom in London. They use lighting brilliantly, there are so many details in her work that are so inspiring..  I love her warm modern sensibility, the mix of materials, and really the composition of all the designs. Everything down to the last little nook is beautifully styled, but not at all overdone… The firm now is led by Natalia Miyar, alongside a team of designers and architects. The company previously was founded by Helen Green in 2002 and grew to encompass both interior design and architecture as well as furniture design. I love all the clean details in the furniture… the tables and chests are so chic. You can see a bit of their furniture collection on Dering Hall as well.. anyways, if you find yourself with some time to kill, go browse the Helen Green Design website. You can thank me later..

More on Kips Bay

Alessandra Branca via New York Times  Alessandra BrancaAlessandra Branca at Kips Bay :: Photo by Amy Berry Alessandra Branca at Kips Bay :: Photo by Amy Berry Alessandra Branca at Kips Bay :: Photo by Amy Berry

David Phoenix at Kips Bay :: Photo via New York Times David PhoenixDavid Phoenix at Kips Bay :: Photo by Amy Berry David Phoenix at Kips Bay :: Photo by Amy Berry   Cathy Kincaid at Kips Bay :: Photo by New York Times Cathy KincaidCathy Kincaid at Kips Bay :: Photo by Amy Berry IMG_7787 Cathy Kincaid at Kips Bay :: Photo by Amy Berry



A few more favorites from Kips Bay… First Alessandra Branca‘s beautiful room featuring my very favorite Pierre Frey fabric. I loved this room for so many reasons. The art, first off, was some of my favorites. Alessandra incorporated pieces by Donald Robertson, Wayne Pate, and Robert Polidorim. The striped red upholstered walls were another favorite, and felt so fresh with the mix of art and decor. David Phoenix‘s bedroom too was super chic. The canopy bed, upholstered walls, and beautifully set tables, there were so many pretty moments in this room.. Lastly, Cathy Kincaid’s bedroom. This one was really sublime, and so so much better in person. The rug, the embroidery, the linens… drool fest. Cathy had Penn & Fletcher echoed the Claremont pattern in the embroidery on the underside of the canopy. Really, the details in the room are remarkable. Anyways, enjoy the pics, and by all means if you get a chance to visit this year, go!

Kips Bay with Mark D. Sikes







IMG_7763my seat at the table, best seat in the house if you ask me…




I got to spend this past week with my very dear and very talented friend Mark D. Sikes in New York. If you haven’t already seen it on instagram, Mark’s room at the Kips Bay Showhouse this year stole the show. So many beautiful details, everything was perfectly executed. Inspired by Marella Agnelli and Renzo Mongiardino, Mark’s dining room was a fresh and chic take on gingham. I am still drooling over the beautiful furniture pieces from his collaboration with Soane… It was such a treat though to see the show house for the first time. If you have a chance to go, you must. Pictures don’t hardly do it justice..

Legends of La Cienega :: The Highlights

Legends of La Cienega 2015 :: Amy Berry

Amy Meier’s beautiful fabric collaboration with Peter Fasano

Legends of La Cienega 2015 :: Amy Berry

Amy Meier and her tent at Hollyhock

Legends of La Cienega 2015 :: Amy Berry

Hollywood at Home’s beyond beautiful new showroom

Legends of La Cienega 2015 :: Amy Berry

Sam Allen’s window at Hollyhock

Legends of La Cienega 2015 :: Amy Berry

Kristen Buckingham

Legends of La Cienega 2015 :: Amy Berry


Jasper Showroom


This year’s Legend event has been a whirlwind. I came for the first time last year, but this year there was a huge turn out it was so fun to run into friends from all over. It seems everyone’s been busy, there was so much to see this year. The windows, the fabrics, the whole bit… Hollywood at Home’s new showroom is beyond. There wasn’t enough time to take it all in. The latest batch of collaboratives with Peter Fasano, too, are really great. Love Amy Meier’s fresh take on a trellis… how darling is she matching her tent. The custom Colleen & Co pendant doesn’t hurt either. Sam Allen, too, totally nailed it with his window. Love the orange and white Christopher Spitzmiller pieces… still drooling over that rug too. Kristen Buckingham’s new selections of fabrics is seriously great, her window was definitely in my top three. Last but not least, love always the Jasper showroom here. I took this at the end of a very long day… having very much in common with those semi-wilted flowers. Can’t wait to do it all again next year!


The Easter Table





Carolyne Roehm




Alex Papachristidis Table





I’m not hosting Easter this year, we’ve got two rounds of family lunch to look forward to tomorrow, but all this pretty weather lately has me itching for a garden party. A round up though of some of my favorite tables… Loving Tory Burch’s new Dodie Thayer collection, never sick of her Spongewear collection either. I just ordered the pitcher, bowl, and tray. Now to find an excuse to use them… I have to say, one of my favorite instagram follows is Alex Papachristidis. He so beautifully entertains. Ditto the lovely Michael Devine (go get his book if you haven’t already!) I’ll be prepping mentally though for next year, wanting everything from Marie Daage in the meantime….


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On Furlow Gatewood…


Furlow Gatewood - Veranda

Furlow Gatewood - Veranda 3


Furlow Gatewood - Veranda 2




Veranda Furlow Gatewood 6


There’s something so refreshing about Furlow Gatewood’s home in Georgia. The 94 year old self taught antiques expert, has been curating the homes on his families property for nearly 60 years. If you don’t own his book, One Man’s Folly, go and buy it. Right now. There is a story to each and every detail of the house, it’s remarkable. What’s even more remarkable, is that it took a significant amount of convincing for him to even write the book. That same humility exists in his interiors.. Veranda very aptly describes Peacock House as “a chic mix of grand and humble”. His intuition in purchasing and refurbishing beautiful things he loves, is so inspired and so seemingly effortless. Everything from the renovation to the design… Gatewood’s work is truly a labor of love.